Worship Leaders for May 2018

May 13th       Jim Thomson

May 20th       George Vais

May 27th       Cam Taylor




“If you sense that there is more to living the Christian life than constantly striving for a balanced lifestyle between all the various demands on you at work, home, in your community, and in your congregation, you’ve come to the right book.
Jack Fortin leads us away from the myth of ‘the balanced life’ to one that is centered in Christ. The shift from ‘balanced’ to ‘faithfulness’ lie at the heart of this book’s message.
Discipleship, therefore, involves ministry in daily life. And ministry in daily life means making the important connection between Sunday and Monday.” [Forward by Richard Bliese]
We will meet at Faith and George’s home on the first Thursday during the months of April, May and June at 7.30 p.m. for the time being.
The name of the book is – “The Centered Life” by Jack Fortin – Augsburg Fortress
You may order this book, as you’ll need to read the assigned chapter prior to each session.

















































































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